More than 50% RAM has been released at 3 h but the CR pattern obs

More than 50% RAM has been released at 3 h but the CR pattern observed after 4 h. The difference between related parameters was considered statistically significant (P < 0.05). Tab-in-tab formulation was prepared to enhance safety and efficacy of drug molecules by formulating a convenient dosage form with ease of administration and better patient compliance. Our results suggested that tab-in-tab formulation of NIF-loaded gelatin

microcapsules would be useful to deliver nifedipine in a pattern that allows fast absorption in the initial phase, leading to better absorption for stomach specific action check details and controlled the release of RAM for intestine specific action in hypertensive therapy. The use of tab-in-tab drug delivery system to formulate combination drugs with different pharmacokinetic profiles provide reduction in dosage, dosing frequency, reduction in side effects, additive effects, and single pill convenience. All authors have none to declare. “
“The review noticed that mortality due to infections

is increasing in developing countries. There is a need of developing new and useful compounds to provide assistance and relief pain in all aspects of human conditions in future. Since 3.8 billion years microorganisms are being evolved and are producing more and more evolved metabolites as a mechanism see more of defense for their survival. In search of bioactive compounds most of the work has been done on metabolites from algae, bacteria and protozoan isolates. Marine fungi are worldwide ecological group, but distinct in their geographical distribution PDK4 and the substratum on which they grow.1 Fungi isolated from marine environments have recently been recognized as a rich source of biologically

active metabolites. Hence fungi can be excellent source for new medicines as well.2 As going on search for new pharmaceutical compounds from marine fungi, after isolating number of organisms while studying we knew that there is no much report on Curvularia sp.. Even though Aspergillus sp. work is reported but even we still reported the antibacterial activity efficiently at low concentrations. So, we screened and studied Curvularia sp. and Aspergillus sp.. with efficient antibacterial activities. Number of past reviews has focused the attention of researchers on the tremendous treasure of the marine microbial environment. Although a diversified range viz., antibiotic, antifungal, cytotoxic, neurotoxic, antimitotic, antiviral, antineoplastic and antiprotozoal activity is known, extensive studies are still needed. Comparatively marine environment is very dynamic and vast, therefore increasing interest in studying marine fungi producing biological active compounds. 3 There is no much more work on antimicrobial investigation of Curvularia sp., reported previously.

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